unexpected familiar

The futuristic theme of the set in Unexpected Familiar draws inspiration from a design movement from the 1980s called ‘Memphis’, which in turn was inspired by a merging of Art Deco and Pop Art culture. These two heavily misunderstood design groups influenced the ‘80s in many ways – from furniture to art and even through to home-wares. For this shoot, we leaned nostalgically back to these movements, juxtaposing them with echoes of the ‘60s to deliver a new modernity. The Unexpected Familiar collection defines and showcases our high end products and treatments with a collection of sophisticated styles that are both unexpected yet also familiar.


Outback shows our natural side, and the breathtaking backdrop of the Australian Outback recalls our brand’s heritage, and gives a tough edgy feel to the soft looks throughout the collection.  We selected warm tones for the hair that we feel embody a new attitude of luxe, with the look of lush, freshly-washed hair that helps to defines the look of ‘modern glamour’. We’ve captured a ‘come as you are’ attitude by mixing things up and wearing sequins out in nature during the day, while slipping on chic little flats to go out at night amongst harsh environments – its all about the juxtaposition of style, rough with smooth, hard with soft to ultimately deliver soft, natural style.

mods & rockers 

The inspiration for Mods and Rockers was derived from the 1979 classic movie, “Quadrophenia”, where one of the actors speaks out about making a stand for individuality versus conforming to a particular ‘type’. This series of looks was created to embrace all types of men, and was heavily inspired by the idea of a ‘modern age mod’ alongside a new ‘refined rocker’ and our looks were created as a montage of 60s cool interspersed with nods to the ‘80s.


PUNK.LINE. A collection that speaks to a new woman, bolder, with a cool femininity through a collection of shades and techniques that accommodate the rapidly changing landscape that defines the perception of new beauty.