Meet our newest blondetourage: COLOURING.ANGELS. Our four new colour-enhancing treatments add a lip-gloss like shine and tone to the hair to enhance existing tones, neutralise unwanted tones, and improve colour longevity without building up on the hair. Packed with hair-loving ingredients such as Olive Leaf Extract, Green Tea Extract, and Grape Seed Oil, our newest ANGELS moisturise your hair while improving flexibility and adding protection for your locks.


Our newest BLONDE squad includes four colour enhancing shades – AUTUMN, COOL, CRYSTAL, and SUGARED – to add subtle hints of colour and incredible, illuminating shine.

Our AUTUMN.ANGEL adds a soft, apricot rosé hue for natural, rose gold, or apricot-toned blondes, while our COOL.ANGEL magnifies cool, ash shades while removing stubborn orange hues from the hair. Use our SUGARED.ANGEL for a creamy, vanilla beige to mute unwanted warmth and create luminous toffee tones, or stick to our CRYSTAL.ANGEL to enhance your existing colour while illuminating your strands with this unique clear, top coat.

Following our cult-favourite BLONDE.ANGEL treatment, our four newest ANGELS fit right into our BLONDE regimen for your at-home colour care to moisturise, enhance, restore shine, and refresh coloured or uncoloured hair. To use, simply cleanse the hair with the WASH of your choice and apply your desired COLOURING.ANGEL, leaving for 3-5 minutes before rinsing. You can use your ANGEL as often as you wish, as the pigments are designed to never build up on your hair!



Our SHOW 18 was a success, and that is thanks to you!

Our show took place at De Shop, a versatile and unique venue in Antwerp. First Pascal van Loenhout performed some edgy and cool cuts on stage, after which Henrik Sippo and Myassar Bachoffner showed us their marvelous colouring skills. Later on Paz Bamrolia and Peter Vanhamel introduced our newest addition to the KEVIN.MURPHY family, KILLER.WAVES, and created some fabulous styling while telling us all the details of their new techniques. Our brand ELEVEN was demonstrated by the ever-cool Melvin Royce Lane and Cesario Filippo, while in the meantime linking their performance to the most recent ELEVEN campaign, the Remix Campaign. To finish off our show Pascal van Loenhout celebrated the 10 year anniversary of his academy which was the perfect intro for the afterparty!

See you at our next show!




I am very excited to launch SHIMMER.ME BLONDE. I have created this for you and your clients to solve the problem of dull, lifeless blonde or grey hair. Blonde hair might get you noticed, but it also requires maintenance and can often suffer at the hands of heat styling. I have created the SHIMMER.ME BLONDE finishing shine mist to treat and repair your hair while restoring shine.

Vitamins and Essential, Fatty Acids from Babassu and Baobab add moisture to the hair while restoring and refreshing lightened, highlighted and blonde shades. Before creating SHIMMER.SHINE, I often found traditional shine products were laden with oil and heavy on the hair. I wanted to create something different that brought a light, healthy shine to the hair, so I looked at high-end skin care technologies thatcreate a luminous and even skin tone. In creating SHIMMER.ME BLONDE, I was very interested in Mica, a Silicate Crystal that is often used to create shine, and counteract redness and diminish dark circles. These reflective qualities act like thousands of tiny mirrors on your hair that reflect light and even out the appearance of the colour, giving a uniform shine to even the most dull and lifeless blonde hair.

With SHIMMER.ME BLONDE, I have used white and silver pearlescence to further enhance the effect on blonde tones. I have also added some additional ingredients that will help meet to the needs of your clients’ blonde hair. Babassu Oil, which is rich in Essential Fatty Acids, which not only reduce moisture loss but also nourishes, smooths and protects fragile blonde hair. The 6 Australian Fruit Extracts are also present to ensure a radiant, glossy and smooth finish due to their ability to thrive in Australia’s harsh climate. Bamboo Extract restores and strengthens the hair. A favourite ingredient of mine is also present - Immortelle, which is produced from the flowers of the Helichrysium Plant. It provides a rich dose of antioxidants and potent anti-ageing benefits.

SHIMMER.ME BLONDE may be used before or after styling. Twirl the bottle and spray lightly on towel-dried or dry hair. Do not rinse. Colour enhancers and optical brighteners will create the shine and freshness that your blonde clients deserve, all while softening, strengthening and treating the condition of the hair, and improving hair strength.




I am proud to say that the REPAIR line has been one of the biggest launches ever at KEVIN.MURPHY. This is because it is a new way of looking at hair care; being able to have a high protein range that reconstructs while smoothing and softening the hair is rather exciting. I wanted to go one step further than REPAIR-ME.WASH, RINSE and RE.STORE to give  clients a problem solving, nourishing leave-in treatment that weightlessly repairs and restores damage where it is most needed.

Working behind the scenes in fashion, on set and during salon visits, I have noticed that balayage and ombre techniques have taken the world by storm. We have had a revolution in colour techniques over the last few years (add to this that long hair is coming back in style) and we have a perfect storm of hair that needs repair and nourishment. I have found that hair coloured in this manner can be difficult to style, and that all hair has different repair needs from root to tip! RWith the addition of LEAVE-IN.REPAIR the set is now complete.

As usual, I look for the best that the natural world has to offer, and pair that with advances being made in skincare. As with the other products in the REPAIR range, I have added an enzyme called Papain to keep the proteins soft. Papain is also anti-static and gives the hair a conditioned feel while the other ingredients do their job. Orange Peel Oil offers the potency of Vitamin C for protection, while Hydrolysed Pea Protein packs a punch with Jojoba Seed Oil to seal off the hair, and add shine  and smoothness while regulating moisture loss, even in a harsh, dry climate. In addition, some exciting new ingredients include Rose Geranium, which provides balance for scalp health, Bamboo Extract for resilience and strength, and Hydrolysed Keratin, which offers rebuilding qualities for the hair.

LEAVE-IN.REPAIR will target the most damaged areas of the hair, where and when damage occurs. This has the benefit of bringing the hair together and making it behave in a uniformed manner while being nourished from root to tip, along with added protection from constant heat styling and environmental damage. Your desired style will last longer, as this targeted approach to repair makes sure that product does not build up where it is not needed. Hair will be left moisturised and protected while split ends are repaired and hair breakage due to brittleness is halted. Furthermore, elasticity is promoted, which will make the hair look and feel healthierwith shine, natural body and protection - all without weight!



Discover the first men only colllection ever! 


“Girl power” was the inspiration behind the 2017 COLOR.ME campaign: PUNK.LINE.

The new collection speaks to a new woman, bolder, with a cool femininity through a collection of shades and techniques that accommodate the rapidly changing landscape that defines the perception of new beauty. Drawing inspiration from the 90’s girl band, Bikini Kill, the collection is about having the confidence to be a strong individual and dance to the beat of your own drum. Widely considered the pioneers of the riot girl movement, Bikini Kill was known for their radical feminist lyrics and fiery performances. 


Hi there, 

I wanted to write to you and explain why I wanted to make SMOOTH.AGAIN WASH & RINSE.

The SMOOTH.AGAIN regimen has been created for clients who suffer at the hands of frizz. If your hair is naturally curly, it will help you define the curl, and if you have straight or wavy hair, it will help you to control frizz. Together with SMOOTH.AGAIN, the WASH and RINSE also offer protection from the natural elements along withrepair for existing chemical or mechanical damage. SMOOTH.AGAIN.WASH and RINSE contain key ingredients from the best of nature and science.

Monoi Oil, used for ages by Polynesians due to its many benefits, is made fromsoaking the petals of a Tahitian Gardenia (called Tiaré) in Coconut Oil. This timeless ritual starts by handpicking the flowers and ends with infusing the macerated flowers in Coconut Oil. Polynesians have many rites involving Monoi, from ceremonial to the protection of the skin and hair from the elements - all centred on the heavenly fragrance and the ability of the oil to protect, soften and perfume.


Present in both SMOOTH.AGAIN.WASH and RINSE, Monoi Oil contains a high concentration of Vitamin E and Antioxidants, along with Essential Fatty Acids (EFA’s) like Lauric Acid that hone in on damaged hair and soothe the scalp. Silky an lightweight, Monoi Oil penetrates the hair shaft, closing the cuticle while smoothing and providing a luminous shine. Monoi Oil also helps to significantly reduce frizz and can help lessen protein loss in hair thus giving a softer, shinier result with less breakage.

We also know that Keratin Protein has a positive effect on hair. The trouble is not all hair has the same need. Even on the same head, not every strand requires the same attention. I needed something “targeted” - something that has the right approach to rebuild the ends or provide treatment wherever the hair needs it most. A targeted approach makes sure the hair only receives the Keratin Protein where it is needed.

Using a new and innovative ion-based cationic technology, the Keratin Protein has been developed to mimic the structure of proteins in the hair to fit seamlessly where it is most needed, providing optimal smoothing and de-frizzing, truly the best of science.

Natural ingredients such as Sunflower Seed Oil and Cocoa Butter further protect and nourish the hair while combating frizz, restoring elasticity and looking after the health of your scalp. So if your client’s hair needs smoothing, whether it is curly or straight, your hair can be SMOOTH.AGAIN.