I am proud to say that the REPAIR line has been one of the biggest launches ever at KEVIN.MURPHY. This is because it is a new way of looking at hair care; being able to have a high protein range that reconstructs while smoothing and softening the hair is rather exciting. I wanted to go one step further than REPAIR-ME.WASH, RINSE and RE.STORE to give  clients a problem solving, nourishing leave-in treatment that weightlessly repairs and restores damage where it is most needed.

Working behind the scenes in fashion, on set and during salon visits, I have noticed that balayage and ombre techniques have taken the world by storm. We have had a revolution in colour techniques over the last few years (add to this that long hair is coming back in style) and we have a perfect storm of hair that needs repair and nourishment. I have found that hair coloured in this manner can be difficult to style, and that all hair has different repair needs from root to tip! RWith the addition of LEAVE-IN.REPAIR the set is now complete.

As usual, I look for the best that the natural world has to offer, and pair that with advances being made in skincare. As with the other products in the REPAIR range, I have added an enzyme called Papain to keep the proteins soft. Papain is also anti-static and gives the hair a conditioned feel while the other ingredients do their job. Orange Peel Oil offers the potency of Vitamin C for protection, while Hydrolysed Pea Protein packs a punch with Jojoba Seed Oil to seal off the hair, and add shine  and smoothness while regulating moisture loss, even in a harsh, dry climate. In addition, some exciting new ingredients include Rose Geranium, which provides balance for scalp health, Bamboo Extract for resilience and strength, and Hydrolysed Keratin, which offers rebuilding qualities for the hair.

LEAVE-IN.REPAIR will target the most damaged areas of the hair, where and when damage occurs. This has the benefit of bringing the hair together and making it behave in a uniformed manner while being nourished from root to tip, along with added protection from constant heat styling and environmental damage. Your desired style will last longer, as this targeted approach to repair makes sure that product does not build up where it is not needed. Hair will be left moisturised and protected while split ends are repaired and hair breakage due to brittleness is halted. Furthermore, elasticity is promoted, which will make the hair look and feel healthierwith shine, natural body and protection - all without weight!