Hi, Kevin here, I wanted to write to you and tell you why I decided to make RETOUCH.ME. In today’s world, we live busy lives both professionally and personally, and with less time than ever before it seems, we must be ready at a moment’s notice to “put our best foot forward”. RETOUCH.ME is a lightweight mixture of ingredients designed to instantly and seamlessly blend greys when applied to root re-growth. This is a temporary cover up and is not designed to last more than one wash, so your client will still need to come  back and have her hair tinted or coloured. RETOUCH.ME allows your client to “take that meeting” or go to an event with confidence, knowing that she is looking her very best and is covered from all angles.

A few quick spritzes of this root touch-up spray sends micro-fine, light reflecting pigments to any new growth to blend seamlessly with her shade. These will attach to the hair fibres for a covert and quick fix to conceal those pesky grey hairs at the root.

With a nozzle that makes the experience splatter free, this fast-drying formula allows accuracy with no residue. The finish is not powdery, and has a satin finish which stops it from looking dull or going gluggy.


There are four shades in the range: BLACK, DARK BROWN, LIGHT BROWN and AUBURN, which offer a variety of multi-tonal options to blend away grey and hide unsightly roots with no flaking. The results are a tonal colour disguise, rather than blanket coverage. This means that each shade offers a wide range of results for a variety of hair colours.

Some of the ingredients that we have added allow maximum performance, including Orange Peel Oil and Tangerine Peel Oil to help add shine to the hair. We have also used polymers that allow the pigments to adhere while cosmetically beautifying the surface of the hair, providing coverage and a natural sheen.

RETOUCH.ME is easy to apply; begin with dry hair and part the hair where desired, then use the nozzle to spray evenly and lightly wherever blending is needed. Take care to spray the hair and not the scalp, and let the product set for a few seconds.
To get the best results, let the product dry before touching.

I hope your clients enjoy this quick fix as much as I’ve enjoyed making it!

Dirk De Block