I am very excited to launch SHIMMER.ME BLONDE. I have created this for you and your clients to solve the problem of dull, lifeless blonde or grey hair. Blonde hair might get you noticed, but it also requires maintenance and can often suffer at the hands of heat styling. I have created the SHIMMER.ME BLONDE finishing shine mist to treat and repair your hair while restoring shine.

Vitamins and Essential, Fatty Acids from Babassu and Baobab add moisture to the hair while restoring and refreshing lightened, highlighted and blonde shades. Before creating SHIMMER.SHINE, I often found traditional shine products were laden with oil and heavy on the hair. I wanted to create something different that brought a light, healthy shine to the hair, so I looked at high-end skin care technologies thatcreate a luminous and even skin tone. In creating SHIMMER.ME BLONDE, I was very interested in Mica, a Silicate Crystal that is often used to create shine, and counteract redness and diminish dark circles. These reflective qualities act like thousands of tiny mirrors on your hair that reflect light and even out the appearance of the colour, giving a uniform shine to even the most dull and lifeless blonde hair.

With SHIMMER.ME BLONDE, I have used white and silver pearlescence to further enhance the effect on blonde tones. I have also added some additional ingredients that will help meet to the needs of your clients’ blonde hair. Babassu Oil, which is rich in Essential Fatty Acids, which not only reduce moisture loss but also nourishes, smooths and protects fragile blonde hair. The 6 Australian Fruit Extracts are also present to ensure a radiant, glossy and smooth finish due to their ability to thrive in Australia’s harsh climate. Bamboo Extract restores and strengthens the hair. A favourite ingredient of mine is also present - Immortelle, which is produced from the flowers of the Helichrysium Plant. It provides a rich dose of antioxidants and potent anti-ageing benefits.

SHIMMER.ME BLONDE may be used before or after styling. Twirl the bottle and spray lightly on towel-dried or dry hair. Do not rinse. Colour enhancers and optical brighteners will create the shine and freshness that your blonde clients deserve, all while softening, strengthening and treating the condition of the hair, and improving hair strength.


Timo Rogiers